“The universe can hear the music in your soul” – Lao Tzu

Unique hand pans, handmade in Germany

Taopan handpans are handmade in the beautiful natural region of the Eifel, close to the metropolis of Cologne.

These instruments are built with love and passion by Jan Tao. He invests a lot of time, passion and sweat into every single Handpan, always aiming for the best possible sound result.

Each instrument he creates is a unique expression of his art of living, which has already inspired many sound lovers around the globe. Jan’s works have already traveled from Germany to many different places around the world.

Taopan handpans combine beautiful and crystal-clear sounds, tonal stability and a remarkable appearance to create individual works of art.

Jan’s instruments are played by all kinds of people, from professional musicians all over the world to people who have never touched an instrument before. We are delighted to be able to help these people fulfill their dreams.

Taopan Handpan took respectful inspiration from the sound sculpture Hang®. The Hang® was created by PANArt Hangbau AG by Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner in the year 2000.

“The universe can hear the music in your soul” – Lao Tzu

Jan’s handpans are consistently unique

From their appearance, their playability and their sound, you can easily recognize: ‘This is a Taopan’, even though they are all different and unique.

This shows once again how the personality of a manufacturer is engraved in the instrument it creates.

He comes across as a humble wise man and a playful child at the same time, on his mission to discover the world of handpans, getting closer and closer to his perfect sound.”

YATAO – Malte Marten & Alexander Mercks


“It was clear to me the moment I first laid eyes on a Taopan that there was something special behind its creation.

It was in the finer details – the meticulously etched mandalas, the design, the materials and the experimental nature of the scales. It all spoke to a certain uniqueness that is hard to find in the handpan world these days.

After being in contact with Jan it was clear to see that there was both a genuine passion and an adventurous touch implanted within each and every one of his instruments.

It shows in the transcendent and abundantly lush sound of a Taopan. I am transported by mine every time I sit with it. It has a depth and balance that is unrivaled by most, and I’m sure when the next wave of evolution washes through the handpan world Jans’ Taopan will be one of the key instruments riding it.”

Sam Maher

Other artists who have a connection to the Taopans