SAM MAHER – Handpan Player and Teacher
“It was clear to me the moment I first laid eyes on a Taopan that there was something special behind its creation.

It was in the finer details – the meticulously etched mandalas, the design, the materials and the experimental nature of the scales. It all spoke to a certain uniqueness that is hard to find in the handpan world these days.

After being in contact with Jan it was clear to see that there was both a genuine passion and an adventurous touch implanted within each and every one of his instruments.

It shows in the transcendent and abundantly lush sound of a Taopan. I am transported by mine every time I sit with it. It has a depth and balance that is unrivaled by most, and I’m sure when the next wave of evolution washes through the handpan world Jans’ Taopan will be one of the key instruments riding it.”

Sam Maher

Link to the Youtube of Sam Maher

YATAO – Malte Marten and Alexander Mercks
“Jan’s handpans are consistently unique.

From their appearance, their playability and their sound, you can easily recognize: ‘This is a Taopan’, even though they are all different and unique. This shows once again how the personality of a maker is engraved in the instrument he creates.

He comes across as a humble wise man and a playful child at the same time, on his mission to discover the world of handpans, getting closer and closer to his perfect sound.”

JULIUS RANTALA – Handpan Player and Teacher

“I am deeply touched by a stainless steel Taopan. A beautiful and unique piece of art that seems to carry and radiate the passion and kindness of Jan Tao himself. It is warm and powerful. The resonance is something that soothes my heart, even on a tangible and physical level. I’m so grateful to be able to express myself with it. “

Julius, Rantala

Julius playing a Taopan F#2 Stainless – Youtube

LOUIS L. PANTAM – Handpan Player & Teacher

“Taopans are definitely the kind of handpans that I feel comfortable playing on stage and whose quality I stand behind.”

Louis L. / Professional Handpan Player / Workshop teacher / Concerts

Louis gives concerts, workshops and individual lessons on handpan based in Hamburg.

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RANVITA HAHN – Handpan School “Rhythm Worlds”

“I have been using Taopans for a long time in my Handpan courses and the workshops I offer. Just as I have fallen in love with them, so have my students. The instruments have a wonderful, intimate depth, they are resonant and tuned with love.”

Ranvita Hahn is a musician, Advanced Taketina® Teacher, and founder of the Rhythmuswelten School near Cologne. Since the beginning of the 90s she has been leading various rhythm seminars, rhythmic trainings and instrumental workshops and classes – Conga and Afrodrums, Handpan, Framedrums and Taiko

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Mayiia – singer, multi-instrumentalist, handpan player

“The beautiful Tao Pan”

Not only the sound quality, but also the appearance of the Tao Pan is unique.
Art and sound merge beautifully in one instrument.
Definitely one of my favorite handpans.

What I particularly love and appreciate about this hand panmaker is its penchant for experimentation.

Jan Tao is constantly experimenting with new scales, variations, sizes and shapes of the instrument. I would love to be in
to his workspace to see what new unique instrument he has built again.

As the saying goes: “A true artist must make art”.


“It is always a great pleasure for me to meet Jan and his family. Jan’s instruments are just as warm-hearted, present and open as his family. A warm timbre meets outstanding sustain. Jan is one of THE addresses when it comes to high-quality handpans in German-speaking countries”

Tobias Bülow – professional handpan player, concert musician, workshop leader and handpan teacher

“Taopans are true works of art, in sound, workmanship and design.
The dedication with which Jan builds, tunes and shapes his handpans creates instruments under his hands,
which have an unmistakable character and differ in many respects from the,
what else is available on the constantly growing handpan market.
Wonderful sound and sustain, perfect tuning, absolute tuning stability and last but not least the beautiful design
are characteristic quality features of Jan’s instruments.
It is simply a pleasure to play a taopan and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.”

Tobias Bülow is a professional handpan player, concert musician, workshop leader and handpan teacher

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ZHENYA TOPOV – Berlin Handpan Academy

“Jan Tao is a dedicated master builder who never stops hammering away at the pulse of his passion. His task of striving for a uniquely vibrating sound with wonderful long sustain has been fulfilled.

Every Taopan instrument we receive for the school is loved by everyone who has the pleasure of playing it.”

BERND BRINKER – Handpan School “Touching Handpan”

“Ever since I visited Jan in Cologne, I’ve had great respect for his instruments. I admire how many people have his instruments and am happy to be able to use them again and again in my workshops.”

“Each of us has the ability to produce sounds in the form of melodies or rhythms.
Playing a handpan with your hands allows you to listen to these sounds and experience joy and relaxation.
The company Touching Handpan by Bernd Brinker in Lübeck, offers you a workshop – First Touch -.
Here you will learn your first playing techniques on this wonderful instrument in a cozy, small group.
You can develop and expand your own ideas in further individual lessons.”

Bernd Brinker, Touching Handpan