Music by Jan

Jan took classical piano lessons as a child.

Even though he learned to play from sheet music, composing his own pieces and improvising quickly became his true passion.

This dedication has led him to a variety of musical productions, including meditation music, film music, ethnic world music and more. He has collaborated with various artists, resulting in several albums.

Jan has been giving seminars for many years and runs a school for Qui Gong, Tai Chi, KunlunSystemâ„¢ and Martial Arts.

Music and improvisation have become useful tools for Jan to support the process of sharing these different arts.

The music website of Jan Tao:

“Last Dance” by Jan Tao / from the album “Journey between Worlds”

“Stargazing in the desert” by Jan Tao / from the album “From Earth to Sky”

“Dripping” – Handpan Track originally by Louis L. PIANO Adaption by Jan Tao